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Speed and Quality

Providing the best internet connection is not just about speed. Having a stable connection provides you with the security and freedom to browse at any time. With Activenet you can expect to get the best of both.

At Activenet we understand the delivery of a service and sustained reliability is more than just a simple connection. Our Network is developed with this in mind and leverages the skills of not only staff but also our partners/wholesalers. Our Core Network and major links are delivered using the best of the NBN, Optus, LBN Co and Spectrum Networks.  We understand that only by developing and working together with leading industry partners can we develop and deliver the service you will come to expect and love.

To download a large file or HD movie (e.g. 5GB)


To upload 200 holiday snaps (e.g. 500MB)


To share a PowerPoint file with workmates (e.g. 20MB)


Download the Activenet app

Download our App on your Apple or Android device to give you quick and easy access to to all important Activenet services including Active Life activity.