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Activenet NBN phone service is delivered as a VoIP (Voice Over IP) service, another way of saying this is we use your internet service to deliver voice to you. Your Activenet provided modem has 2 voice ports on the back of it that you can plug in any standard analog handset. This means you do not need to make the investment in an IP Phone we can manage all of that for you.

 Our service is very flexible and delivers many benefits to you including;

  • Unlimited Local Calls
  • Unlimited National Calls
  • $0.03 per min to any Australian Mobile
  • 120 Mins free to 30 preselected countries around the world
  • Access to your VoIP portal via any Internet connection around the world allowing you to manage your contacts, forward your phone to another number or even make calls if your PC is compatible (Need to check your PC User Manual).
  • Support when you need it.

Download the Activenet app

Download our App on your Apple or Android device to give you quick and easy access to to all important Activenet services including Active Life activity.