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General FAQs

  • How Do I assign An Authorised Representative

    We understand that sometimes after you want to add another person to your account. There are two ways to get this done,

    1. Log onto your customer portal, click the account Tab and select Add Authorised Representative.

    2. If you do not wish to use the online portal you can download the form here and return to our office for processing.

    We do encourage all our customers to take advantage of our customer portal as it allows you to self manage your account.


  • How Much Data Allowance Do I Need?

    If you are new to the Internet or starting to change the way you use your service it is sometimes difficult to estimate the amount of usage you actually require. First thing is to remember it is free to upgrade with all Activenet Residential plans so it is easy to address the problem. In addition if you do exceed you monthly allowance you can always purchase one of our Data Top up packs.

    To hear more about our Data Packs or to discuss Data Usage requirements please click on the contact us Tab at the top of your screen.

    In addition to read up on how to calculate your potential Data Usage needs you can Click Here for our self help document.

  • Is Network contention impacting performance. Does Activenet put contention on their services?

    The Critical Information Summary for each service talks about the minimum performance guarantee for each service.

  • Do I have to be at my premises for connection?

    In most circumstances you are not required to be at your home or business for connection of your services. We will make a specific appointment if we require access. Connections are typically made between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday (excluding public Holidays). ​

  • Do I have to be present for connection?

    The NBN utility box will be installed on an outside wall of your premises, so you don’t need to be present. If there are any issues accessing the outside of your premises, our contractors will speak to you directly if you are available or alternatively they will leave their contact details for you to contact them.

  • Can I keep my phone number if I switch to the NBN?

    “Number porting” rules will not change with the introduction of the NBN. NBN Co is not involved in allocating phone numbers – this is something that Activenet over the NBN arrange. To be sure you keep your phone number, ask us to confirm that we will keep your phone number when you transfer your service over to the NBN.

    For more information see ACMA’s website for full details of number portability rules.

  • A friend told me about Network contention impacting performance. Does Activenet put contention on their services?

    Your friend is correct this is common practice however it is the level of contention that impacts the user experience and also the plan price. The Critical Information Summary for each service talks about the minimum performance guarantee for each service.

  • I have not hit my download limit but my service seems to slow down most evenings?

    Although services are not limited your service experience can vary depending on the time you are using your service. The evening is classed as peak time and often has high network utilisation, while we monitor and manage this some of the contention is out of our control. The best way to manage your internet experience is manage your data needs I.E. Leave large downloads to over night, reduce the number of wireless devices connected to your modem to reduce load on your link.

    The critical information summary for your service talks about minimum speeds however often management of your internet usage is the best resolution.

    It is also important to ensure that the speed issue is consistent across multiple websites. You should do this to confirm if it is the service with the issue or the external website you are accessing. Activenet has no control over speeds of external websites.

  • I’ve had the NBN utility box installed. Can I now order services over the NBN?

    The NBN rollout needs to be completed and activated in your area before you can order services. NBNCo will contact you when you are so you can order services over the NBN, or you can check NBN’s interactive map.

  • Can I choose where the NBN utility box is installed at my home or business?

    NBNCo will aim to install the NBN utility box as close as practical to any existing telecommunications utility box so as little disruption is made to your property as possible.

    If you would like to request that the NBN utility box is installed in a specific location, you can discuss this with the contractor working in your area however you may incur a cost for this change. Contractors will be able to provide you with a free no-obligation quote.

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