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Activenet utilises Broadsoft technology for our VoIP solutions delivered over our ADSL2+, NBN and evolve service. This solution gives users a friendly interface that allows you to configure and manage your voice service from any Internet connection in Australia via our Genband interface. This solution is particular good for an office with 1 to 8 active lines.

Need Something a little bigger?

Activenet has a longstanding relationship with NEC and already have an extensive fleet of NEX gear that we manage on an ongoing basis. We can tailor a solution with a small onsite PABX with 10 – 20 lines all the way to a corporate office with over 1500 lines. In addition to this capability we can plug in a Call Centre application (Q-Master) that allows you to manage your calls and staff in a whole new way.

As customer service is a critical part of any business this application not only allows you to understand your customers experience but also understand the types of calls you are receiving. This knowledge is critical in driving ongoing improvements and automation back into your business have a direct positive impact on your business and inturn reducing your OPEX relates costs.

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