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About Us

We’re a 100% Australian owned Telecommunications provider dedicated to delivering business and residential customers with high-quality Phone, Broadband, NBN and Private Network services. In a quickly evolving, highly technical industry innovation is what drives our success. It’s our mission to provide a better Active Life to not just our customers but local communities as a whole. With Activenet you can rely on less talk and more action.

Less talk, more action

We don’t keep our customers in the dark, or make things complicated. We talk fairly and clearly in plain English, giving all the details. If we’ve messed up, we’ll be honest and explain what we’re doing to fix things, rather than trying to hide things.


100% Australian

We are Australian owned and operated with a policy to support Aussies for both employment and communities via our Active Life program.

Here to help

You can rely on us for peace of mind. As a 100% Australian based provider with 24/7 based fault support, we’ll support you day or night.


No extra usage charges

No bill shock here or additional sign up charges, once you have reached your month limit we will limit your service to 256kbps.


Exclusive Active Life Benefits

Join Activenet and you will have access to benefits not only for you but also for your friends, family and local community.


Up and running in no time

With our premium preprogrammed Wifi modem you will have access to fast internet straight out of the box without those annoying instructions.

Download the Activenet app

Download our App on your Apple or Android device to give you quick and easy access to to all important Activenet services including Active Life activity.